NewVistas is a platform for operating a community of diverse independent businesses in a way that fosters sustainable prosperity.

NewVistas' purposes are:

  • Provide opportunities for work and personal achievement at all levels of ability
  • Ensure the economic viability of participating businesses by providing access to administrative services, professional services, and financial management
  • Hold and manage real property and capital equipment for the benefit of individual participants and participating businesses
  • Make capital available for the creation of intellectual property and other intangible assets
  • Promote sustainable living

The NewVistas platform includes legal structures, economic relationships, computer software, and physical infrastructure. Together, these elements enable participating businesses to cooperate efficiently, while allowing all participants complete independence to pursue their separate goals and business plans.

Stewardship is NewVistas’ core principle. All aspects of NewVistas are based upon personal responsibility, participation, rewards for effort and ingenuity, and commitment to a larger community or the world. We believe that a culture of stewardship is essential to sustainable prosperity.

The NewVistas Trust develops the platform and sponsors a NewVistas community in Provo, Utah through a group of operating subsidiaries, including NewVistas Capital, NewVistas Property Holdings, and NewVistas Management. Individuals and participating businesses participate in the NewVistas platform by contract.

The NewVistas Trust uses the NewVistas economic model and the name "NewVistas" by permission of the NewVistas Foundation, which seeks to educate the public about sustainable prosperity. The Foundation is legally and operationally separate from the Trust and has a separate mission. The Foundation and the Trust have no officers or trustees in common.