NewVistas is a platform for operating a community of diverse and independant businesses based on stewardship principles in a way that fosters sustainable prosperity. The NewVistas Trust owns and runs the platform for the benefit of all participants.

The platform:

  • Supports businesses that have promise
  • Makes capital available for the creation of intellectual assets
  • Provides opportunities for work at all levels of ability
  • Provides opportunities for fulfillment and personal achievement
  • Encourages participants to start their own businesses
  • Enables participants to earn a good income and build personal wealth
  • Promotes sustainable living

The platform accommodates multiple funding entities, each legally and organizationally separate from the Trust. All participating businesses, or VistaBizzes, receive comprehensive administrative services and financial support from the funding entities. The current capital companies are Hall Labs and NewVistas Capital.

The Trust is completly separate from The NewVistas Foundation, which carries out not-for-profit activities. The Foundation has a separate mission and a separate board of trustees.