Structural Modules

The purpose of the Structural Modules project is to design and prototype a mass producible structural module that will constitute the main infrastructure of a multi-story building.
1. Provide sufficient structural integrity for the building
2. Can be manufactured in a controlled environment, shipped in standard-sized shipping containers, and assembled onsite as a finished unit
3. Easily to install
4. Easy to integrate with plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems
Structural Bridges


The purpose of the Structural Bridges project is to create technologies for strong but light weight structural bridges for supporting floors and ceilings in multi-story buildings.

1. Minimize weight and materials required for supporting a given load  
2. Secure integrated fastening system connecting bridges to vertical building elements that is easily installed
3. Ceiling storage compartment
Pile Foundations


Pile foundations are superior to traditional concrete foundations in several ways.  They can become the preferred approach to building foundations.

1. Costs comparable to traditional concrete foundations
2. Demonstrated superiority in the event of earthquakes
3. Ease of manufacture and installation
4. Dual purpose use in connection with geoexchange systems


The purpose of the floors project is to design floors that are consistent with other NewVistas building elements.

1. Ease of installation
2. Durable
3. Can be premanufactured and shipped in standard shipping containers for assemply on site


Without variable elements, premanufactured buildings will look uniform and ugly.  A changeable facade introduces the possibility of great variety and without redesign or reconstruction of the underlying structure.

1. Many options that will provide depth and shape to otherwise square buildings
2. Easily manufactured, installed, upgraded, and recycled
3. Incorporate needed insulation and protection for the building