MySmartBlinds was built on the idea that automated window coverings can be simple: no-tools-needed DIY installation, and controlled with a smartphone.

Current and Planned

1. Maintenance free
2. Automated app supported operation utilizing heat and light sensors, etc.
3. Total blackout capability

Automation Kit For Existing Blinds

Motorized blind tilting mechanism controlled by a smartphone, tablet, wall switch, or built-in light sensor.  The system can be programmed to run on a schedule and to adjust automatically to changing conditions during the day.

Automated Shutter Blinds

Coming soon.  The same features and capabilities you get with the automation kit, but built into custom-sized shutters.  Will include Suri-Fi, which gives you a range of over a mile (50x more powerful than Wi-Fi or ZigBee, and 10x more powerful than Z-Wave).
Additional Information

Advantages and Benefits

Not only are MySmartBlinds blinds convenient for the user, they can also be adjusted to reflect and redirect heat and light.  Indirect lighting and radiant heating profiles can be created depending on seasonal positions of the sun. Passive heat sinks can be positioned and utilized effectively.