The PayZoom system exists to reduce friction and overhead for businesses of all sizes.

Current and Planned

Each PayZoom instance allows a network of businesses and contractors (or business units) to:
1) Rely on automated processes for payroll, accounting, inventory, and other administrative needs.
2) Share resources/work together when needed.
3) Work for and sell to customers in and out of the network.

It also allows for high-level management oversight of the member businesses/users, and each instance scales to hundreds of businesses and thousands of users.

Web Application

The SAAS web app is now used by nearly two dozen entities and over 200 employees and contractors.  The system supports desktop- and mobile-optimized time and expense allocations, real-time expense management and reporting, directory access, etc.  It also offers back office functions for management of all the above as well as weekly payroll, contractor payments, reconciliations, etc..  

Current efforts are focused on updates that will improve the user experience and increase the degree of automation of all back office processes.  

Future products/options will include native mobile applications and hardware and software integrations that will allow for increased automation of all processes.
Additional Information


Main integration is with QuickBooks Online (accounting).  Additional integrations with Unleashed (online inventory) and Office 365 (single sign-on, etc.) are in early testing stages.