Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) develops cryogenic carbon capture technology, which separates CO2 and other emissions from fossil-fueled industrial processes. SES technology can be used in power plants, chemical plants (ammonia and urea fertilizer), refineries, cement plants, and natural gas streams. It will enable dramatic reductions in humanity’s carbon footprint as we seek to develop other energy approaches that do not rely on fossil fuels.

Cryogenic Carbon Capture™

Eliminates most emissions from fossil fuels while enabling better use of intermittent renewables through grid-scale energy storage. This carbon capture technology is projected to cost half as much as alternatives.

Natural Gas Treating

Our post-combustion cryogenic process can also be applied to natural gas treating. This process occupies a small footprint and can eliminate the need for costly amine systems.

Innovative Heat Exchangers

Exchangers that allow for efficient heat transfer during process upsets and transient loads and that provide for efficient heat transfer during solid phase change.

CO2 Storage

Patented method of geologic sequestration in which CO2 is stored underground in naturally occuring saline aquifers. This method allows stable storage of up to seven times more CO2 than traditional methods.