NewVistas Pattern Graphics

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Graphics and schematics covering several physical and organizational aspects of NewVistas.

Facilities Graphics

Set updated in July of 2022. Includes details of block, hub, and storehouse areas as well as several items related to the community building: overall size and positioning, elevation, and floor plans.

Organizational Graphics

Set updated in July of 2022. See also Organizational Structure pages.

General-level Leadership, Area Presidencies, and Local Presidencies

At the general level the 12 Trustees are each a large area presidency composed of 4 equal presidents. They select up to 72 smaller area presidencies each with 4 equal presidents.

So there can be up to 72×12 area presidencies throughout the world who then select the community trustees by narrowing the 4 recommendations provided by the existing Trustees to two and then flipping a coin so that final the selection is by chance.

The local community operating presidencies are selected by the recommendation of the specific Trustees and regulatory officers who they are assigned to work with and have offices with. Trustee and regulatory officers 1 oversee operating presidencies 1 & 13; 2 oversee 2 & 14, etc. All selections of personnel are done by narrowing the pool to a selection to four candidates and then narrowing that group to just two, with the final selection by flip of coin as follows:

Two recommendations for new community presidents  come from the trustee presidency responsible for that “seat” and two come from the regulatory agency presidency that is responsible. They meet to narrow to two, and then flip a coin for the finalist.  

Two recommendations for new trustee seats come from the Trustee seat responsible and two from the regulatory presidency that will work with them over the same responsibility.  

The “72” area presidency reviews and reduces to two and then flips a coin to determine the finalist.  One president from one of the 12 Trustee presidencies is replaced each quarter.  

This pair of graphics is an effort to illustrate this concept. Green represents both the trustees and also the 12 regulatory officers.

Sky Evans