Human Services

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Human services relate to services provided by individuals to help them access the resources they need, which are primarily education and healthcare.

This includes general mentoring through the NewVistas education system, which can include specific mentoring or teaching on preventative healthcare, and the help offered by house and village presidents.

These volunteer services should alone significantly reduce the need for various services to help keep people fulfilling their goals. When more significant challenges arise, such as addiction and other mental illnesses, paid service providers may be needed.

The goal is to continually give people great choices on how to spend their days, and ensure that the right people are there to help them realize those choices. Assuming the options for better life choices are there as the NewVistas concept intends, the work of leading people to them will be greatly eased.

Those who are permanently disabled, and will always need a little help each day, will be able to connect with the people that have the time and energy to help them achieve their potential.