Shared Administrative Platform

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A community’s Process & Property Department provides a common administrative umbrella, orchestrating numerous services that individual businesses need to manage operations and profitability, such as accounting, billing, and payables; legal; information technology (IT); insurance; and quality, health, safety, and environment.

In today’s economy, small businesses often find it difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to connect with vendors, customers, contractors, investors, and consultants and to cooperate efficiently with negotiations and transactions.

These complex processes typically require the assistance of third-party professionals such as bankers, accountants, employment recruiters, lawyers, and brokers.

The reality is that business owners shouldn’t waste their time on managing capital and administering their business.

However, some businesspeople tend to fill their time with administration rather than staying focused on the harder work of producing, performing, and selling products and services. NewVistas improves productivity by motivating contractors and VistaBizzes to focus on their individual or business productivity rather than on administration.

For community capitalism and individual stewardship to dovetail at the right scale, stewards within a community must be able to efficiently communicate and cooperate.

To operate effectively, NewVistas economic communities need a technologically and bureaucratically optimized platform that enables contractors and VistaBizzes to find out relevant information about each other quickly, easily, and inexpensively and interact with each other, including financial transactions.

By naturally encouraging and facilitating business relationships within a focused econosystem, an optimized community platform strengthens all participants.

The NewVistas community platform does the following to maximize the community economy’s efficiency and success, while maintaining each participant’s privacy and autonomy:

  • Provide standard communitywide agreements, terms, rules, and business documents, with effective vetting to ensure that new participants qualify to join the community and with reasonable monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Provide a comprehensive, easy-to-search, transparent system in which all owners and contractors centrally publicize their specialties and skills, what they’re selling, what they’re buying, how much they charge, what their availability is, how others rate and rank them, and so forth
  • Connect everyone to a communitywide accounting and calendaring system that allows negotiations and transactions to be seamlessly automated among all participant contractors and VistaBizzes, including scheduling, timekeeping, and payments, without the need for credit checks, billing, or collections, thus ensuring timely payments and availability of funds
  • Enable individuals to easily change clients or move among multiple clients and activities throughout each day and week, allowing more personal variety and flexibility than most people experience in today’s world
  • Provide communitywide administrative functions and services at the most efficient scale, so all contractors and VistaBizzes receive consistent, professional support for bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes; information technology; legal services; physical and intellectual property management; human resources; logistics and supply chain; quality and safety; cash-flow and financing management; insurance, including health, disability, property, workers’ compensation, and liability; and other back-office functions that often distract stewards from their core productivity

NewVistas is currently building a communitywide, networked business-accounting system called PayZoom, which will utilize existing best-practice, cloud-based systems.

This smartphone-based platform will facilitate an entire community’s overhead functions, including transactions, administration, communication, and guidance provided by community agencies to participant contractors and VistaBizzes.

The prescribed size of 75,000–100,000 participants is vital; with fewer, the platform wouldn’t achieve enough synergy or economy of scale, and with more, the system wouldn’t be manageable.

PayZoom will enable a NewVistas community to function as a single large, interconnected, streamlined, flexible entity in which each participant contractor and VistaBiz maintains autonomy.