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While the NewVistas pattern describes a community of 75,000–100,000 individuals, communities can start forming at much smaller scales, even as small as one household at a time.

Incremental, Organic Growth

The NewVistas pattern’s flexible, universal adaptability allows a community to develop organically and incrementally, gradually replacing the obsolete infrastructures of today’s human sprawl. This development is driven by market needs, as traditional housing and transportation become too expensive and unsustainable for rising generations.

Rather than spoil undeveloped land, NewVistas communities evolve in areas of urban blight and gradually spread outward to reclaim suburban sprawl, allowing areas of rural sprawl to return to a natural wilderness state.

A NewVistas community can start out as a network of scattered household modules for 1–4 people. These modules are like RV trailers that can be placed anywhere or set up as accessory dwelling units (ADU) in the back or side yards of single-family homes.

This video shows how a single-family housing lot can, over time, transform from one housing module out back into an apartment building comprising 42 housing modules.

Ultimately 42 household modules can be connected and stacked to create an apartment building. These apartment buildings are eventually moved together into the pattern’s optimum physical layout, with a full complement of villages, districts, and other units.

Contiguous with the growth of a physical campus, the NewVistas organizational structure and economic system develop incrementally and organically, as people understand the NewVistas pattern and choose to adopt it as the best solution to their needs and wants.

Continual Improvement

With the NewVistas pattern, innovation is ongoing. The NewVistas community operating system will be open source, with every NewVistas community worldwide able to contribute new discoveries, inventions, and best practices.

Today, the NewVistas Foundation is adapting many existing and emerging technologies into individual products that can be used now and later integrated into the community pattern.

This video depicts the assembly of a community multipurpose building. Trans­forming technology allows this building’s interior space to quickly, automatically reconfigure for numerous community uses around the clock.

As people start using these inventions, they can gradually understand how the inventions will synergize and amplify each other within a fully optimized NewVistas community campus.

In the meantime, many of these products and systems can help improve today’s existing homes, businesses, and communities. 

The Big Picture

Instead of change through piecemeal, uncoordinated efforts, the DNA-style NewVistas pattern enables human civilization to completely reset how it occupies land, consumes resources, handles waste, and applies engineering, technological, economic, organizational, and social advances.

This comprehensive community pattern will allow us to fully integrate all community aspects into one cohesive whole, with the latest blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine-learning, cloud, and algorithm technologies embedded into energy, transportation, agriculture, education, finance, housing, and all other systems serving a community.

In summary, the NewVistas pattern provides an essential matrix for synergizing human science and technology in a manner that can replace humanity’s past and current errors of infrastructure, organization, and economics, so more people can enjoy more health and prosperity.

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