Process & Property Department

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While a community organizational structure’s two main departments are equal in stature and authority, the Process and Property Department is lesser in number of positions than the Human and Financial Capital Department. The Property Department manages the community’s physical assets, administrative functions, and the training and compliance of participants regarding community bylaws. The Property Department’s four bureau boards together appoint and train 84 agent positions (336 individuals).

The Property Department serves the community in temporal aspects, which largely consist of administrative functions. This department purchases or leases all the community’s physical capital, including land, buildings, housing, and major equipment. The department is responsible for property management, efficiency, safety, legal, physical health, and ensuring sufficient production within the community to meet the physical and economic needs of participants.

Two additional roles of this department are to encourage participant compliance with NewVistas bylaws and to provide administrative services and resources to the community’s individually owned small businesses. Public servants in the Property Department look after the efficiency and profitability of all businesses and help participants understand and follow the community’s rules and regulations.

In addition, the Property Department provides businesses with numerous services needed to manage operations and profitability, such as accounting and payroll; human resources; basic legal support; IT support; insurance; and quality, health, safety, and environment functions.

As shown in the grid below, the Process and Property Department contains four bureaus, each of which contains three agencies. To read more about a bureau or agency, click on its name below.

Process & Property Department