Worldwide Coordination

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While no central NewVistas headquarters will ever exist, public servants help coordinate the NewVistas system at a worldwide level, chiefly by setting up new local community boards of trustees and then replacing one trustee position every year (one individual every quarter), along with any additional vacancies due to resignations. Worldwide public servants serve for 12 years.

As unpaid volunteers, worldwide coordinators possess no legal authority beyond appointing and replacing local community trustees, and they do not control or have access to any public financial resources.

These volunteers are based in their own homes around the world and provide their own computer equipment and other supplies for online collaboration using modern blockchain, cloud, and virtual systems.((Worldwide coordinators do not spend any time or money on physical travel. They do not attend local-community organizational conferences.)) They train local-community boards of trustees through podcasts and remote online sessions.

The worldwide NewVistas board of 12 seats (48 individuals) can appoint up to 490 assistant seats (1,960 individuals) to virtually visit communities and appoint and replace community boards of trustees.

As groups of four individuals representing the four adult demographic groups, a NewVistas assistant seat (four individuals) visits each community via remote technology once a quarter and replaces one local individual trustee, such that each community’s board of trustees fully rotates every 12 years.

The community population range of 75,000–100,000 individuals provides flexibility in how communities grow and split.

When the NewVistas worldwide coordinators or their assistants become aware that several communities are nearing the 100,000-individual maximum, the coordinators can set up a new community trust that invites households from three or more communities also nearing their maximums to move into the new community, such that the existing and new communities all have at least 75,000 individuals.   

In addition, the worldwide board and their assistants work together to monitor the open-source, blockchain database of the NewVistas community bylaws and operating system.

If a worldwide advisor finds something that is not kosher, he or she brings it to the attention of the other worldwide advisors, who can, if they agree unanimously on the change, notify all local community trustees that a change to the common systemwide bylaws has been made.

Local community trusts vote to approve or reject the changes after trying them out for a year, and if a majority of the communities reject a change, then the worldwide board must retract the change. Changes that have been in place for a year are voted on at every quarterly local-community organizational conference. 

For a more detailed description of the worldwide board and assistants, see the NewVistas paper titled “Worldwide Coordination.”