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The NewVistas Community Pattern

If all humans lived in equal, sustainable comfort and prosperity, what would such communities look like?

NewVistas is striving to create a community pattern that is scalable and sustainable for all humans planetwide, with ample unspoiled land remaining for natural wildlife.

Each NewVistas community consumes only the land, energy, building materials, and natural resources that are sustainable for everyone in the world to consume equally. At the same time, the NewVistas pattern provides the highest quality of life possible for all people worldwide.

The pattern accomplishes this by recalibrating all aspects of human living at the most efficient, productive scales and proximities, including a nonhierarchical organizational structure and a fair, inclusive economic system.

Physical campus

We call the community pattern NewVistas because beautiful, green views are visible from all apartment windows and public community buildings, as well as from other vantage points throughout each campus. Also, the term implies a situation in which new things can happen.

A NewVista community includes an inner walkable living center surrounded by an equally sized, mirrored industrial zone, plus approximately 196 square miles of easily accessible adjacent areas for agriculture and material resources.

At 1.44 square miles in size, a community’s central living area functions as what we call “the world’s largest mansion,” providing 75,000–100,000 individuals with an optimal, sustainable mix of personal and public amenities.

All buildings are mass-produced and assembled on site, and public multipurpose buildings and apartment buildings transform for a wide variety of uses. These facilities are connected via covered glass breezeways, so participants can comfortably walk or ride not only to work and school but also to a wide variety of sports facilities, cultural events, shops, and restaurants.

Organizational structure

The NewVistas organizational matrix brings together 75,000–100,000 individuals to promote cooperation, mutual well-being, and other socially positive relationships while also ensuring individual privacy.

The 24 districts and 96 villages have specific locations within a community, which are always the same in all NewVistas communities

Within a community, each individual belongs in a group composed of 10 households, a branch composed of 4 groups, a village composed of 10 branches, a district composed of 4 villages, and a community composed of 24 districts. 

The NewVistas organizational matrix defines how 5,760 successful participants serve a community in highly specific, part-time, unpaid roles. This large number of public servants enables the voice of the people to be heard and all four major adult demographic groups to be represented (single men, single women, married women, and married men).

Economic system

The NewVistas economic system synergizes and supports thousands of individually owned businesses that provide the community with food, education, healthcare, household services, and many other needs and wants.

A community’s capital fund leverages participants’ combined investments up to a hundredfold to build the community’s physical campus, supply early seed funds for individually owned businesses, and pay participants a premium return on their investments.

All participants are independent contractors, with no traditional employee/employer relationships. Community bylaws and investment objectives discourage businesses from growing too large or creating monopolies that threaten the community’s economic equality.

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