Transforming Spaces

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Rather than inefficient, single-purpose buildings and rooms, NewVistas buildings feature technology that allows one space to be used for numerous purposes, including subdividing the space as needed.1

In community buildings, NewVistas transforming technology includes two main components:

  • Soundproof, motorized walls that automatically lower or raise to form many sizes of rooms, from assembly halls to personal bedrooms
  • Automated storage is built into the pattern’s 14′-tall ceilings for easy access to supplies and equipment, so rooms can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as an office by day and a bedroom by night.
  1. The original 1833 building plan prescribes the transformational function of community buildings with statements such as, “A curtain is to drop at right angles, and divide the house into four parts” and “You will be careful to have hooks and rings to suspend your [curtains] on so they can be let down or raised up at any time, at pleasure.” []