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To solve human problems sustainably on a worldwide scale, humanity must combine efforts in more efficient, productive ways.

In the view of NewVistas, solving problems requires a standardized, comprehensive pattern so attractive that participants voluntarily seek it out and commit to following it.

The NewVistas community pattern acts as an amplifying matrix for numerous initiatives of human progress.

Otherwise, progress is erratic and inconsistent, with innovations building on obsolete legacies, scattering in many different directions, and ultimately failing to become scalable and sustainable.

Something for Everyone

The NewVistas system is designed to accommodate all future expected human population growth.

The only other alternatives are to continue letting ecosystems collapse or to limit population growth by measures such as abortion and extermination.

NewVistas fosters real community, as opposed to today’s growing isolationism driven by selfishness and individualism.

Communities that promote social satisfaction and happiness naturally foster families that practice sustainable procreation.  

In today’s world, human communities and systems make it too easy for aggressive or privileged individuals to over-consume.

With communities co-owning major assets, structurally limiting unsustainable human behaviors, and practicing capitalism at the community level, all humans can access what they need in life.

Universal Community Structure

We compare the NewVistas community pattern to the human body. The body’s structure and function are determined by DNA that’s nearly 100% uniform across our species.

We all share the same basic system of bones, organs, and tissues, yet we are all unique in appearance and personality.

A similarly basic, universal system should exist for human communities.

As in a human body, NewVistas community pattern organizes all essential functions and resources in the most efficient proportions and proximities. After all, a human community functions much like a human organism, taking in raw materials, metabolizing them, and processing wastes.

NewVistas is not a commune or utopia for small, exclusive groups.

It is a practical, large-scale pattern that synergizes all applicable human technology to create communities that are more scalable and sustainable than any other community pattern in human history.