Exiting or Retiring in a Community

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A NewVistas community is all about free markets and competition.

With the 12% dividend and other benefits and advantages, the aim of NewVistas is to be better than any other option, so people will want to join and stay in the system.

Communities must attract participants and continually entice them to remain in the community, including during their retirement years. This is also true of organizational units within a physical community, including apartment buildings, villages, and districts.

If participants don’t like how things are going, they can vote with their feet by moving elsewhere. In a physical community, instead of being tied to a mortgage or long-term lease, participants rent their housing and commercial space week to week, with no deposit.

This makes it easy to move within a NewVistas community, transfer to a different NewVistas community, or exit the NewVistas system. The same principles apply when a NewVistas community is in its economic phase before the physical community is built.

If someone chooses to leave the NewVistas system, terms of leaving will have been negotiated at the outset, so there are no surprises. All participants will have received a deed for their investments; if an individual is no longer participating in NewVistas, his or her investments and interest are returned to him or her on a previously agreed staggered basis, like certificates of deposit maturing.

Exiting participants can take their VistaBiz outside of the NewVistas system, per their loan contract or licensing terms.

Retiring in a Community

Within NewVistas, the ultimate retirement goal is to become an individual benefactor who helps others participate in NewVistas.

This gives the concept of retirement more meaning as a time when a participant can use his or her riches to do good in the world and lift others, rather than spending it on material excesses and signifiers of exclusive wealthy status.

The recommended NewVistas retirement age is 72. While a community doesn’t pay a retirement pension to participants, retired participants continue to receive the 12% dividend on their community investments.

If a retiree desires and has surplus funds beyond their personal needs, they can set up a trust to provide loans to others so they can participate in NewVistas.

If a participant passes away with community investments in place, the deed to these investments can be passed on via a trust or will.