Economic Structure

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Each NewVistas economic community is organized as a separate, independent trust with its own banking system.

The trust holds the community’s combined capital and real property for the benefit of all the community’s participants. A community econosystem is designed to be ultra-productive and ultra-efficient, which enables greater leverage with less risk of defaults and inflation.

Led by a volunteer board of trustees selected from among the community’s participants and confirmed by majority vote of participants, a NewVistas trust has no owners, so it is under no pressure to pursue profit or liquidate assets.

Instead, the trust is dedicated to the interests of the entire economic community, including maximally employing community resources, promoting productivity and sustainability, and making sure the community works efficiently so it can reduce cost of living while also paying a 12% dividend to all participants who have invested in the community.

The NewVista economic structure includes a trust, two departments, and thousands of individual VistaBizzes owned and operated by participants.

As shown above, a NewVistas trust operates through two for-profit departments:

  • The Human & Financial Capital Department oversees the community’s combined financial and intellectual assets and helps participants establish their stewardships, with three of its agencies functioning together as the community’s banking system. In addition, NewVistas Capital helps participants grow in knowledge, skills, and well-being, thus adding value to their “human capital.”[1]
  • The Process & Property Department oversees the community’s land and infrastructure and leases housing to individuals and space and equipment to contractors and VistaBizzes. This division also provides administrative services and oversight.
  1. Human capital is “the collective skills, knowledge, or other intangible assets of individuals that can be used to create economic value for the individuals, their employers, or their community” (